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4 Unique Gifts for the person who has everything!

We all have that friend, sibling or parent who is just impossible to shop for. There's the BFF who is indecisive , the partner who changes their mind every week or the parent who insists on not wanting anything this year. Even if they say it over and over, you don't have to listen. Since it's a thoughtful gesture to choose a unique gift idea for someone special, we've done the work and arranged a list of gifts for people who have everything.

The Curling Rock Coffee Mug. You might think you have enough mugs but this one actually rocks! Big enough to eat poutine or cereal from, this mug needs to be in every Canadians cupboards. Even the most difficult to buy for can handle all the curling humour. $19.99

Abandoned Alberta. This stunning photo book contains all images from Alberta. Anyone who has lived in Canada will appreciate the beauty and history of life on the Prairies. Our books are signed by the Author for an extra special touch,

Fitzroy Storm Glass. A fantastic conversation starter piece and learning about ancient weather instruments. Different formation of crystals throughout the different weather seasons will help you predict the weather.

Gurgle Pot. The most whimsical gift designed to produce a delightful "gurgle" as it serves your favourite beverage. This fun design will bring a smile to anyone on your list!

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